About Me


Faheem Haydar is a Pakistani digital marketing expert, journalist, and serial entrepreneur. He is a founder of Dealzmag, where he throws the procedure and techniques through which you can become a specialist for personal branding, marketing strategy, and social media placements. He is the one who is a published author and the most leading light of the modern-day public relations industry.

Apart from these, Faheem is also working on thetigernews, a world’s leading source of Celebrity news, TV serials, and entertainment. As an author and researcher, his noteworthy work appears on several famous platforms like Global thrive, Bitcoin Insider, and Yahoo news. Moreover, his regular work includes buying guides, reviews, content on the web, TV serials, and much more.

Moreover, Faheem is also working to initiate digital marketing campaigns online and define business goals by successfully marketing techniques. He is also inspired by the great poets like Iqbal, Shams, and Nasir Kazmi. He is very capable of adjusting several social media platforms at once because he knows better to regulate the online strategies and to implement them well.

Born June 02, 1987 in Chichawatni, Pakistan